Rug Cleaning in West London

carpet Cleaning West London Looking for a service that can clean your precious and expensive rugs without damaging them? For art like Persian or Turkish rugs, LeoClean has a service that can properly and safely treat them in a way that can only compliment their already stunning beauty. We provide the finest West London rug cleaning.

We use only the latest technological advances and treatments and still understand the needs of delicate textiles. Our service is affordable with flexible scheduling that allows from late night and early morning bookings. With the most affordable rates around it’s easy to make the decision to book us on 020 3746 3206.

Benefits of LeoClean’s Rug Cleaning

Apart from the mandatory insurance, we can guarantee you the best treatment our rugs have ever had, regardless if expensive or more consumer focused, we can rejuvenate and protect their colours for a fraction of the price. The service itself has many benefits for you and your rugs, like:

  • Gentle dust and grime removal
  • Colour protection and rejuvenation
  • Fiber softness and detail
  • No more bed bugs or dust mites
  • Full stain extraction

To know more about these and other benefits the service can offer you, call our team over and get exclusive information. You can also ask about current deals and bundled offers you can advantage of as well as acquire about free quotes, future discounts and a lot more.

Our Service Explained

LEOCLEANRUG3Steam cleaning can extract even the most enduring of stains and dirt accumulations. Being able to extract enzymes and pathogens from all synthetic and woolen rugs, this treatment has a great variety of usages. A fine brush and a nozzle deliver high pressure steam straight to the fibers of the rug, the pressure dislodging an disintegrating any residue, and the heat dealing with any odour or pigment creating bacteria. Enzymes are extremely hazardous for the well-being of rugs, so its important to fully remove any trace of them. The procedure only takes a minute or so, leaving only about 5% of the moisture to be air dried. Everything else collected with a professional vacuum machine.

Dry cleaning is our weapon of choice if treating delicate, natural fibered rugs such as Persian or Turkish beauties. Because no moisture is generated or used during the cleaning, chance of shrinkage and overall water or heat damaged is greatly reduced. The granulated dry detergent is spread over the affected area, creating a thick layer, it is then brushed into the fibers of your rug with a fine brush, allow for it to bind with the stained fibers. It is then extracted and you are left with a clean and ready to use rug.

Booking West London Rug Cleaning

We at LeoClean have made it a breeze to schedule us, all you have to do is fill out a booking form or even give us a call on 020 3746 3206. Our 24/7 customer care center will work with you to fit the preferred time and date slot. Don’t forget to ask our team about the price quote or deals and offers that will save you a lot of money and effort.