Expert Carpet Cleaning in West London

Carpet Cleaning West LondonWe at LeoClean specialise in the treatment of all carpet sizes and types in the area of West London. We will deliver you a healthy, freshly cleaned carpet every time. During the course of a year, an average carpet can accumulate over 50% of its own weight in dirt and grime. This can be overlooked quite easily as most of it can be microscopic or bind with the base of the carpet.

This creates ideal conditions for the spreading and growth of bacteria and fungus which can spread to other pieces of furniture or even cause respiratory problems in children and adults alike. Call us on 020 3746 3206 to find out more about us!

Benefits of LeoClean’s Services

Professional carpet cleaning protects you and your family from breathing in airborne spores, being subjected to different types of bacteria and infections. The service also provides you with a wide range of different benefits, like:

  • Prolonged carpet fiber lifeLeoClean carpet cleaning
  • Softer, more gentle textiles
  • Full odour neutralizing
  • Colour retention and protection
  • No more toxins or harmful chemicals in detergents

Find more information about these benefits as well as other ones the service has to offer, by calling our customer care hotline and get additional information on our upcoming deals and offers.

LeoClean’s Service Explained

Steam cleaning is the most widely used treatment procedure in our arsenal, due its flexible features and its ability to deal with stains of any nature without having to use any harmful or hazardous chemicals and materials. As a cleaning mechanic we utilise the disinfecting power of heat and the blasting power of high pressure substances, combined we get steam cleaning. We inject the fibers of your carpet with a mixture of steam and a professionally chosen detergent, this reacts with the staining in the fibers. We can then extract it with a strong hoover, leaving only a small percentage of the overall moisture used to be air dried out.

Scotchgard protection is a follow up procedure to either dry or steam cleaning that helps to seal the clean results for a longer period of time. This coats the textile with an invisible layer, further conditioning it and protecting it from accumulating any dirt, dust or grime. Regular application helps prolong the life of your carpets as well as lower your overall cleaning bill.

Dry cleaning has the flexibility and effectiveness every professional cleaner is looking for. It works with all fiber types without the chance of any shrinkage or water damage, absolutely removing all allergens and pollutants at the same time. We use a cleaning dry substance in the shape of granules that are easy to spread around with a fine brush. Using this method we can guarantee a good bind between our cleaning agent and the stain allows for a quick and painless stain extraction. Because there is no moisture or heat generated during this process, there is no drying time meaning that you can use your floor covering straight way, no waiting time for it to dry out.

Booking the Finest Carpet Cleaning in West London

Give us a call over at 020 3746 3206 and schedule a professional carpet cleaning form the best team in the entire Greater London area. With the lowest rates around and a comprehensive insurance that keeps you and your belongings safe from harm, it easy to make the decision of booking us. You can also contact our services by filling out a booking form or joining the free instant chat room where you can ask any cleaning related questions. Call us now and get the best carpet cleaning service in West London.