Here you can find what others have said about Leo Clean and our fantastic results for all major West London boroughs:

  • I was more than satisfied with Leo’s carpet cleaning service. His team and he delivered an impressive and thorough cleaning process which left no corner untouched. Leo Clean is the best in the area.
  • Impeccable cleaning job done by a team of polite and friendly carpet cleaners. Your staff was very thorough and efficient. They reached and cleaned every corner of the house. Happy to recommend Leo Clean to others.
  • Leo, the cleaner and owner of the company was extremely helpful and very polite. He laboured hard to remove a few stubborn stains and he managed to transform my old living room carpet. No to mention his pricing which is really reasonable and down to earth.
  • Nothing but praise for Leo and his crew. These carpet cleaners are the best I have ever worked with and it was a pleasure to do so.
  • Fantastic customer service and cleaning results. Your whole company went above and beyond my expectations. Leo and his team even did a few extra bits of work which weren’t included in their quote. I would see Leo Clean again.
  • From start to finish these cleaners delivered a fantastic job. Their office responded very professionally to my inquiry and offered me a free quote. On the day the carpet cleaners arrived promptly and delivered on their promise. Nice and clean carpet.
  • I have used the services of several cleaning companies in the area until I hired Leo Clean for a small job. From then on I always call them when I need something to be cleaned. They are very efficient and thorough cleaners and great gentlemen.
  • After a major renovation was carried out in my home I hired Leo Clean. Their cleaners were very polite and helpful. They never found a task too difficult or dirty given the state of my property. I’d recommend Leo Clean to friends and family.
  • Thank you Leo Clean for the great job you did. I hired them to clean my curtains and living room sofa but they did such a good job that I had to ask them to come back next day to clean my carpet as well.
  • Leo Clean are always thorough and reliable. They are on time, polite and ready to help. Not once or twice did they do the extra mile to clean various things without me asking them at all. They are a genuine professionals who deserve their solid reputation.