Which is The Best Carpet Cleaning Approach For My Home?

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Customers often ask us which is the best carpet cleaning method. Unfortunately, even we as a carpet cleaners can’t give a definitive answer to this question. We are sure even the almighty Google won’t be able to provide it. Many people in the carpet cleaning business consider hot water extraction as the best method. However, we think each job has its own specifics. There are many factors that define the requirements of a cleaning task. We think that all carpet cleaning approaches have certain advantages while at the same time have their own limitations. But we can assure you that...

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Spring Carpet Cleaning 2014

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It happens so that our first blog post will deal with cleaning your carpet in the spring. We, at LeoClean as a professional carpet cleaning company will advise you that there isn’t a higher priority for spring cleaning. Your home carpet or rugs take quite a beating over the winter with children and/or pets around the house. Not to mention those occasional spills or drips… However, we would like to tell you more about a great recipe for clean and fresh home carpets. Where to Start? Our carpet cleaning process always starts with inspecting the area for spots and stains. We advise...

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